Bernese Mountain Dog (BMD) Breeding Program


Dr. Bob Hildreth and his wife Tammy, have been breeding for almost three decades, we are not a large breeding facility, we offer a few litters a year.  Mainly all of our dogs are an integral part of our family, that love to romp around the ranch - play with each other - and can't wait for Dr. Bob & Tammy to come home for belly scratches, love and play.


Dr. Bob is a UC Davis graduate specializing in small animal medicine but is also known for his work in the exotic cat and aquatic's industry.  In 2008, Dr. Bob & Tammy decided to sell their brick and mortar hospital "Irvine Blvd Animal Hospital" & grooming facility "Diamonds in the Ruff", due to the rigors of a long commute from their ranch in La Cresta to pet hospital in Irvine and back again, thus resulting in a lack of quality family time and time with our dogs.



During those commuting years, running the Irvine Practice, and breeding out of the ranch, client demand made it apparent to Dr. Bob & Tammy that there was a need for mobile veterinary services, thus Dr. Bob & Tammy decided to open a mobile veterinary practice to serve clientele in Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, and Temecula, CA, which is known as "La Cresta Veterinary Services", also allowing us to maintain our breeding program and surgical services.


Our BMD breeding program started with a love for a clients dog imported from Germany named Dakota, whom became our own family pet and hospital mascot, but most particularly Dakota's truest love in life was being at Dr. Bob's side in the car commuting or being at our hospital enjoying love and admiration by clients and visitors.  In Dakota's maturity, Dakota enjoyed staying at home supervising the day to day operations and comings and goings of our ranch, and helping to rear our then newest BMD additions; "Mindy" and "Beau Bear", our Future.


BMD's being the devoted companion dogs that they are well known for, there wasn't a day that all three would line up every morning to see whom got to go to the Hildreth's hospital in Irvine representing the breed and playing the role of hospital mascot during the day and accompanying Dr. Bob during the commute until we sold our hospital in 2008.


Mindy & Beau became our foundation breeding stock, with our star being Mindy.  Mindy has given us a number of lovely puppies that are still with our clients to this day, and reigns as our "Grand Dam".  Even though she was retired from breeding many years ago, she was born in March of 2001 and is still a happy and cherished family member whom thinks that it is very important to meet & greet everyone that comes to the ranch - even though they are not here to see her, it is all about her.  After all every BMD needs a job, since she was retired from breeding - it then fell upon her to take Dakota's place and become the Greeter on the farm for all visitors.


We attribute our success not only to countless hours of bloodlines and research, but by also diversifying the bloodlines that we utilize.  This also means that we  have been very particular about acquiring our breeding stock, which include lines from Belgium,

Switzerland, Germany, Canada, as well as the United States.  All of our dog litters are registered with the American Kennel Club and we adhere to the guidelines within the breed standard, but most importantly we look to exceed expectation by breeding dogs that are not only beautiful but are healthy, have a wonderful temperament as well as a component of a long quality of life.


Our Dam's have been OFD rated with Excellent and Good hips and normal elbows, these Dam's were not started into the breeding program until they were the age of 3, fully mature.


While we are most fortunate to have clients purchase as repeat buyers in most cases, we mainly sell by word of mouth or by visitors playing with our pets and our clients pets.


"We truly can't think of a Better Compliment".


Visitors are welcome by appointment but we do require that pre-cautions be taken to protect the litters from contamination until the puppies are fully vaccinated.  Many times a puppy is purchased before it can go home, so this procedure not only protects us but the puppies already owned by others.

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